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Lancore is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) offering a secure, easy-to-use, Online Credit Card Processing which enables online debit and credit card transactions, in real time.  Our Global Online Credit Card Processing Payment Gateway provides high volume merchants with a multi-currency payment solution.  Lancore can connect to multiple aquiring banks and will fully manage the technical connections, relationships with the external network and bank accounts.
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Credit Card Merchant Account

Online Credit Card Processing

We provide a single window front-end for low value high volume merchants by providing a multi-currency payment solution.  We already have well established relationships with acquiring banks located all over the world which allows us to easily set up business merchant accounts with multiple banks in various locations making transactions in virtually any currency a simple endeavour.  Using a PSP not only makes setting up more straightforward but it makes any problems that arise far easier to resolve.  Instead of having to maintain contact with a large number of banks across the world any issues that arise can be swiftly dealt with by speaking to one company.

Our customers are able maximize profits while maintaining control of their account with real time reports and transaction summaries.  Lancore is a full service, multi-currency payment portal, with flexible solutions at affordable rates to suit all company sizes and industry types. We are even able to offer solutions to industries which are often deemed to be ‘high risk’ such as companies that offer online dating services, adult and the sale of pharmaceutical products, subject to compliance with relevant legislation.

At Lancore, our global payment gateway solutions can offer a wide range of advantages to our clients.  These advantages include:
  • Rapid settlement in multiple currencies 
  • Detailed and accurate transaction monitoring 
  • Single data-file transmission of all currencies and payments 
  • Scalable to either a large or small volume of transactions
  • Consistent, convenient and consolidated reporting 
  • Sophisticated fraud prevention and management 
  • Registration and authentication service 
  • No special software or hardware required 
  • Ability to add new currencies as markets expand 
  • Access to our established global networks and expertise

Our Global Payment Gateway is an online payment facilitator for Small and Medium Enterprises transacting business online. Lancore makes domestic and international Online Credit Card Processing simple and affordable.

Online Credit Card Processing

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