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At Lancore we offer our merchants the ability to both issue and clear cheques in the currency that the transaction requires.
Due to having extensive banking contacts spread throughout the world Lancore is able to deposit and clear third party cheques, money and postal orders in a variety of currencies.
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Cheque Processing

Multi-currency Cheque Clearing and Issuing

The cheques and money / postal orders can be sent to us on a basis that best suits the Merchant; be that daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  Once Lancore has received the batches of cheques we then count the number of cheques as well as the value of them and carry out all of the relevant checks.  Once the cheque batches have been processed, we will confirm with the merchant the number and value of cheques that have been deposited.

Merchants are able to gain access to the funds quickly with the monies being wired directly to them from Lancore within 48 hours.

As well as providing the Merchant with a statement confirming the payment, Lancore will also provide regular reports. These weekly reports will include details of the following:
  • Confirmation of when the batch was received and when it was processed.
  • The monies due to the Merchant.
  • Any charges to Lancore that have been incurred.
  • Details of any rejected cheques, including the reason that they were rejected.
In addition to the cheque clearing services outlined above Lancore are able to provide businesses with a cheque issuing service.  Many businesses need to deal with both national and international suppliers and / or clients.  To make this process as simple for the merchant as possible Lancore are able to issue cheques in most of the major currencies on behalf of the merchants.

Our cheque processing service is charged on a commission basis, which is calculated on: the currency; the volume of cheques and the value of the cheques that are processed by the merchant.  Due to the large volumes of cheques that are processed by Lancore, and the long standing relationships that we have fostered with a wide range of banks across the world, we are able to offer exceptionally competitive rates to our Merchants.
If you would like any further information on our cheque processing services or if you have any questions that you would like answered please visit our ‘contact us’ page and get in touch via email or telephone.

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