What Makes A Product Page More Effective?

Ecommerce stores are notoriously difficult to manage. Not necessarily because of the technology, but because of the users. Most people who visit ecommerce stores fail to do exactly what you want them to do or what you have predicted they will do. It would be all plain sailing if every visitor went straight to what they wanted and immediately completed a purchase or at least made an enquiry. This unfortunately is for the most part not the case and there are hundreds of factors in your ecommerce sales process that can cause users to decide not to make a purchase.

One of the most crucial areas of any ecommerce store is the product page. When you have managed to get your visitor to delve this far into your website, this is the front line, where you will show off each individual product using images, words and also provide incentives to encourage your visitor to take the next step and make a purchase: the more effective it is, the more money your website will make through your payment service provider.

Here are some crucial factors you need to consider to make sure your product description is as effective as it should be:

Excellent Image

One of the first things shoppers will look at when they get to your product page is the image. Partly so that they know that they have arrived at the right page but also to look at it in more detail. Give them a large image which they can also zoom in on as well as a choice of angles so that they can evaluate the product properly. The image needs to be extremely high quality and must load quickly so that people see it almost immediately when they arrive on the page and don’t have to wait.

Product Description

After the image, the next most crucial element of your product page is your product description. Think of this a bit like a newspaper article. Put a headline at the top (what the name of the product is e.g. Smart Black Shoes Size 9) so that people know what it is, then have a brief sub heading of about 1 line explaining its main selling points, then list some of its best features and benefits in a short bulleted list underneath. Below this go into a bit more detail about the product then at the bottom go into even greater detail. Your shopper will get the gist early on or read a lot more if they want to. Get the lay out of your product description right and your product page will be a lot more effective and making your sites payment gateways a lot busier.

These are two of the most important of many elements on your product page that can be altered to get a greater number of sales through a more effective page.

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