What Did the Apprentice’s App Task Teach Us?

Smart Phones with Apps‘The Apprentice’ is a very popular television program which features Lord Alan Sugar as he puts a group of budding entrepreneurs and business types through a string of rigorous  and ingenious business and marketing tasks, in what must be one of the toughest job interviews ever created. The prize for the winner at the end of the series is to be awarded a quarter of a million pounds in order to start a business of their own.

A recent episode saw the contestants, who have been split into two groups, tasked with the job of creating a mobile ‘app’ from scratch. The winner would be the group who could get the most downloads in the space of about 24 hours. Both ‘apps’ were ridiculously poor but together they managed to get 14,618 downloads.

To be fair they did get a mention on three well subscribed tech blogs: TechCrunch, Pocket Lint and Wired UK thanks to some badgering by the production company TalkBack Thames TV no doubt. Plus they both were given the opportunity, with limited success, to pitch to a room of bloggers and tech types at a major conference within a few hours that may or may not have mentioned one or both of the apps online.

At the end of the day, what this basically shows us is just how easy it is to come up with an app that will be downloaded. With a bit more time and effort surely your online business brains could easily come up with something a lot more useful that a soundboard of annoying sounds or regional accents. These under pressure contestants had limited time and expertise for coming up with a good idea and they still got lots of downloads.

Apps can be educational, entertaining, pretty much anything you want them to be as they can tap into any of the tech you have on your mobile device from the camera to the GPS tracker, and put it to whatever use you can come up with. Google Sky Map for example allows you to point your phone in any direction and see what the stars look like from that angle in real time. Pretty amazing and all thanks to a clever little app. Depending on what your online business is there will always be some kind of app you can create that will help or at least amuse your users, and if you make it valuable enough you may even get people to pay for it. Not too difficult a task when a payment service provider can work a payment processing system into the app for you.

Apps are already incredibly popular and account for a massive portion of how people interact with their phone and the net. The Apprentice task merely highlights how easy it is now to create something that can reach millions of people in next to no time. Get your brain in gear and see what you can come up with. There are many app developers out there waiting to help you while Lancore can help you with appropriate payment gateways.

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