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Google vs. Bing – Which One Should You Optimise Your Business For?

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

When you are building a business online there are many factors which you need to consider before you rush into things. First you need to ensure you have your business goals in line with the rest of your service mediums as well as sorting out a business merchant account to handle payments. Then you need to work out what you want a website for and on the back of this…what content you should have to best get your message across and ensnare your customers. Part of your marketing for your online business will (hopefully) include search engine optimisation (SEO). Now if you have ever used a search engine the chances are it will have been either Google or Bing (possibly Yahoo, but Yahoo is now just Bing in disguise so let’s just say Bing for both), and each of them have slightly different interfaces and algorithms for deciding where to rank websites.

You must decide whether you want to focus on Google or Bing. Here are some points to note when considering this:


Google is by far the largest and most popular search engine in the world. It has the majority share of the search market and with all the extra stuff it is doing now like: email, TV, AdWords, Analytics, social networking, driverless cars etc. before long you won’t be able to remember what it was like before your life was in some way supported by Google. Some people however, see this hegemony as a negative. Despite Google’s consistent message that they are not evil, some feel that they have their fingers in too many honey pots and are neglecting their simple roots. These people think that the smart money is on Bing.


With the spending and technological power of Microsoft behind it, Bing is a new kid with a silver spoon in its mouth. With all the support from many big brains, a rising market share, a hefty advertising budget and now with all the power of search veteran Yahoo incorporated too, Bing could be where the smart money is.

So Which One Should You Choose?

Both of course! It is that simple. Right now when people want to find something online they ‘Google’ it, they don’t ‘Bing’ it. But as Bing gets its place in browsers search bars and other clever locations, its popularity will rise. Also, with the privacy issues Google has faced you can expect their popularity to decrease…a bit. With the extra time you spend now optimising for both, you will save yourself money in the future and potentially boost the revenues you gain, served through your payment service provider.

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