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Online advertising is big business: Fact. Google would certainly agree with that, as it’s always been a staple of their business model. In fact advertising is for Google a multi-billion dollar industry. So why is online advertising so successful? Well, unlike traditional advertising like billboards, TV adverts, etc, advertising online is far more direct and infinitely more focused. However with modern changes in how people get online the game is certainly going to change.

If you advertise through Google AdWords for instance you’ll find that your adverts are targeted, making them more effective as you’re putting them in front of the right people. Ads such as these can be configured to fit your demographic; popping up at the right times, and in the right searches. As opposed to traditional blanket advertising, people are actively searching out your kind of service. That’s the beauty of search based advertising. Of course with people getting online through mobile devices you might have to re-think your advertising strategy.

Fortunately there are services becoming available which can help you on your way. Google for instance, has invested hundreds of millions into getting its mobile advertising setup off and running. As an expansion on Google AdWords, Google Mobile helps you to get your adverts in front of mobile users, by providing information to help you tailor your ads for mobiles. Mobile ads are more restricted in the number of characters available for things like the title, and as such copywriters have to be on the ball. There are similar services available from Microsoft and Yahoo, but these are hampered by the fact that there are far less popular browsers available to them than Google, which in turn constitutes a less rewarding platform for businesses to broadcast themselves.

Of course the move into other areas for advertisers doesn’t stop there. Due to roll out in the next few months the iAd platform from Apple is set to be a very different animal. Running on the iPhone, iPod and iPad it’s clearly gearing into a very different section of the market. Advertisers will apparently be charged a minimum of one million dollars when the platform rolls out. Running ads through apps on each device will clearly boost the number of free apps available, as developers take advantage of the new revenue stream available.

Whichever way advertisers go it’s apparent that the online advertising game is changing. The only thing that’s for certain is that it will continue to grow as online advertising takes over.

Martin Able is experienced in web advertising and providing online businesses with money transfer services and security for online credit card processing which has allowed him to see the benefits of effective ads.

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