How to Use Blogging to Benefit Your Ecommerce Store

BloggingThe problem with blogs is that so many companies that have them do not know what they have them for.

They know what it is, they have spent money on building one that looks nice and works well but when it comes to actually putting content on there, that’s where the problems arise. This is such a shame as a good blog can be an excellent tool for boosting online sales.

Most Common Mistakes

There are a few common mistakes which it is good to clear up first and foremost. Probably the most common is to use your blog as a way to display every single new product as it becomes available. This may seem like a great idea but it is not what people will come back looking for. If they want to find your new products they will look in your shop, not on your blog. You can turn this around though by occasionally writing something interesting and useful about any new products while avoiding just posting that they exist. This more wholesome method is far more likely to get your online credit card processing system in action.

Another common mistake is not using them. Nothing looks worse to someone trying to find out more about a company who makes the effort to visit your blog only to find a big empty page. ‘Is this company still operating?’ they will ask.

So How Do You Use Your Blog for Good?

Think of your blog as a place where you get to know and interact with your customers. If you keep this as your basis and you won’t go far wrong. Customers will come back to you for more interesting information and only then should you think about slipping in some sales orientated information, preferably towards the end of your post. Remember don’t push people towards your payment gateways. Just give them the best information to get there themselves.

Get to Know Your Customers

Before you write anything, get to know your audience. This may seem obvious to you but do a bit of research into what sort people actually go online who may be interested in what your business offers, and think about what sort of information will be appealing and of use to them. Tailor your blog to answer their questions before they ask them and they will (hopefully) become regular visitors to your blog.

Social Distribution

Using your well written tailored blog as information to distribute via social channels will also be of great benefit to your store. If you have ‘followers’ then you can use them to great advantage using your blog. Try ‘tweeting’ a link to each blog with a clear message of its benefits for example and see how many people start turning up at your site and maybe even buying something.

Blogs are incredibly powerful when done properly so be sure to dedicate enough time to them and pay them the respect they deserve.

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