3 Major Roadblocks Placed (by you) Between Your Customers and Your Products

A roadblock in the world of ecommerce is basically anything that stands between your customers and your products. You probably know that online shoppers are like a flock of birds: the slightest little jolt and they are off up into the sky and away. They’re not like ants who will immediately try to find another route to their goal, they will not often back track and look for gaps and ways over, under or around an obstacle. No they know that they can just go back to the search results and start again with a fresh site that probably has what they are looking for and may well be easier for them to get to.

So we agree. Roadblock on websites are bad.

What is a road block exactly?

Well here are three prime and common examples of roadblocks that crop up in ecommerce websites all the time preventing users getting from landing page to payment processing:

Forcing Customers to Register

All too often ecommerce sites are so keen to gather the email addresses and other information about users that they do so before customers have even fully committed to buying a product. Being confronted by a message basically demanding that you create an account before you have permission to actually buy something is terribly off putting and indeed leads a large percentage of users who don’t want to or just can’t be bothered, to exit immediately.

Bad Search Results

Many people prefer to search ecommerce stores through the site search. There are some who are happy to use the normal navigation menus and such but a significant proportion who may be in a rush, may know precisely what they are looking for or who may just prefer it, will go directly to your search box. However, if they don’t get what they want quickly through your search box, they aren’t going to stick around to use your navigation, they’re going to leave and try another site.

External Credit Card Site

Another major roadblock is when customers are transported to another site altogether in order for them to put in their card details. They trusted your site this far and now you are suddenly asking them to trust someone else. No dice. This is a big turn off for lots of customers and will cause many of them to turn tail and leave. Having a payment service provider incorporate into the structure of your site is a better option that is widely provided.

Roadblocks are very serious but are in most cases, including those listed above, fixable. Think of each of these like placing a physical roadblock in front of a bricks and mortar version of your shop and you will appreciate just how important it is to remove them as soon as possible.

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